Four new libraries beginning production in March


After taking a hiatus on library development to tackle some music project at the start of the year, we will be back in the field starting in March to begin production on four new libraries that will be conceptualizations, metaphors if you will, of the percussive timbres associated with a standard drum kit.  Each library will be using a unique set of source artifacts to generate a component of a kit, namely the kick, the snare, toms, and various cymbals.  These libraries will in no way be isolated to musical percussion work, but that is the origin of their concept.


The four libraries are being tentatively named Gravitas, Latch 'n' Lock, BunRetsu, and Cap & Marble.  I won't say just yet what the sources objects are for these designs, but be rest assured they will be a brand new takes on traditional percussive devices.  They will be able to be used for all sorts of sound design, but they will also be geared toward layering similar samples in an MPC-style plugin to create a completely new drum kit (all libraries together) or augmenting current kit presets that one may have.  These will be mono libraries except for Gravitas which will be recorded in both mono and stereo.


Pictures from the field will follow!  Cheers.