We've launched! (clearly.)


Welcome again, and thank you for stopping by.

Eiravaein Works is excited to be officially launched and we are fully driven to engage our customers, reach out to any and all interested people and groups, and in general start churning a conversation with the public as a whole.  

Currently, we are in the first iteration of our professional public presence.  We have 3 libraries available for purchase with 2 more soon to be released and a dozen more currently under development.  We are very hard at work and making them the most robust, designer friendly, and unique sound sets that they can possibly be.  Our creative development hinges on producing audio packages that are chock full of fresh sound sources presented in ways that will allow others to experiment with them easily in their own projects. This will always be at the forefront of our sound design mission and work.

Always keep and eye on the Freebies page for free morsels of sonic goodness and don't forget, if you use any of our audio in your projects we'd love to hear from you and have a picture or two that represents how you used it.  We'll post them on our Homage page once we have a nice bulk of responses to put out there (20, 50, 100?  we're playing that page by ear).

We are as excited to begin the process of bringing our work to the world.  Join our mailing list if you so wish and we'll keep you updated with an email from time to time about what is going on.  

And if you ever want to chat about your new project's audio/music needs, let us know and we'll brew up some tea.