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After a long-term project has evolved mid-development and taken a new direction, these purposefully-recorded stereo walking soundscape recordings have been left to wander, somewhat aimlessly. So we've packaged them up and provided them for any and all who are interested. For 15 recordings at roughly 30 minutes each, you will be picking up over 450 minutes of dynamic and immersed content of soundscapes being traversed and navigated. We've even posted images below of the paths that were taken during each recording.

We'd love to include these recordings with our Freebies library, but they are a bit too large to be bundled with the rest of our free content. Still, we kept the price minimal, simply to help offset the cost of hosting such large files. The whole library comes to about 15.6 GBs when uncompressed, but we managed to squeeze everything into a roughly 10 GBs set of compressed files. This library uses the 7zip LZMA2 compression method in order to get things as small as possible, and comes in 3 separate files. You will be able to download them all from the same page after checkout.

Enjoy these walks, use them in your projects, and keep an eye out for our newly reoriented soundscape initiatives...

WAV + metadata
96kHz / 24-Bit
Ver 1.0

Location Walking Paths

Aarhus, DKAarhus, DK Austin, TX, USAAustin, TX, USA Bremen, DEBremen, DE Brooklyn, NY, USABrooklyn, NY, USA
Charlotte, NC, USACharlotte, NC, USA Dublin, IEDublin, IE Greenville, NC, USAGreenville, NC, USA Hamburg, DEHamburg, DE
Hendersonville, NC, USAHendersonville, NC, USA Köln, DEKöln, DE Lübeck, DELübeck, DE Maastricht, NLMaastricht, NL
Montréal, Québec, CAMontréal, Québec, CA Manhattan, NY, USAManhattan, NY, USA Québec City, Québec, CAQuébec City, Québec, CA