Pro Bono Sound


First, go get some free SFX.

Second, if you are interested in our pro bono sound design service:

- Are you currently without any audio branding or sound logo?
- Are you located in the greater Charlotte area?

    If so, we're here to help. There are two principals of life that we believe to be exceptionally important here at Eiravaein Works.  One is the right and responsibility to helps others who need help, and the other is paying it forward.  We have had plenty of support in one form or another on our journey and it is our belief that we can continue that train of awesome feelings onward through our own lively endeavors.

    After contacting us, we'll ask you a few questions about your company/organization/etc., what you would like done, and why you need our help, for free.  As not to stretch ourselves too thin, we only take on one pro bono project at a time.  This also ensures that we can give the project the same amount of care, thought, attention, creative energy, and intuition that any one of our other paid projects would receive.

    And yes, to ease your inquisitiveness, it is actually, 100% free.

    As well, we have created an infographic as a brief review of sound logos and the concept of audio branding.

    When you're ready, contact us to let us know you need our help!