We offer creative, experienced, professional attention to each facet of your project's soundscape. Specializing in recording and sound design for documentaries, devices, animation, and game audio, we are here to make the story which you telling, truly resonate.

Field Recording

It matters not where and it matters not what, we will find, evoke, record, edit, organize, tag, and master the audio assets you need make your project's soundscape truly unique.  We can even build you a completely tailored SFX library of whose rights you will fully own upon completion.

Request a Custom Library

Sound Design

If you need it and it does not exist, let us create it for you. Beyond our published libraries, we are poised and ready to provide complete designs for your documentary, device, game, or animation. Sound design services include location audio, Foley work, Re-recording, and Editing.

Location Audio

On-site, on-location audio captured in the highest fidelity to the specifications and needs of your project and team. From documentary filming, to interviews, to musical performances, we will capture your audio content from multiple perspectives and deliver it in your format of choice.

Audio Implementation

Effective audio implementation requires technical prowess and agile creative development. We can take your game audio project from code to completion in Wwise, Unity, and UDK.


From musical stringers to feature film soundtracks, we deliver emotive and cohesive musical accompaniment for your current project. We can provide music in a variety of genres and are always eager to explore new concepts, composing in both linear and non-linear formats.