We capture and create dynamic sonic experiences through exploratory field recording and coruscant soundsmithing.

Eiravaein Works LLC is a sound design and field recording company driven by the constantly evolving soundscapes of the natural world.

We approach all projects with a set of interwoven principles:
  • Refine the intended semiotic effect that is or can be drawn from each sound source
  • Cultivate the conceptual relationships with the stimuli
  • Weigh the payload on the perceptual pathways of the auditory and other sensory systems
  • Account for both direct and indirect audiences


      GyeongJu, South Korea   


While we consistently provide an ever-growing product vault of unique SFX libraries, our bread and butter is the creation of custom commissioned libraries which clients take full-ownership of once delivered.  Regardless of location, subject, application, or media type we provide fully mastered professional audio collections.  Whether your need is exceptionally detailed field recordings, completely synthetic sound designs, or anything in-between, we create custom SFX solutions per our clients' specific needs.


       Aarhus, Denmark  Takayama, Japan   Oita, Japan


    Founder and global sound explorer, Kyle Raub, is the mind and soul of Eiravaein Works. His initiative and endeavor arises from having spent years working, studying, and traveling over the globe to gain new perspectives on sound, soundscapes, cognition, human communication, and sensory perception.  With a blended background in cognitive science, semiotics, international relations, and audio engineering, his approach to sound design and auditory development is diverse and unique.  He strives to capture and create sounds that are rich in meaning and off the well-worn path.




    Re-Ups, free for life

    With any of our audio products, once you've invested in one we will always keep you updated with any improvements or additions we make.  While new customers will pay appropriately for products that have grown, you will get any and all "re-ups" (refreshers, updates, or upgrades) absolutely free of charge.


    EW logo/emblem, collaboratively designed and artfully drawn by Mirelys Colón