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Start Select

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An abundant collection of handcrafted effects geared toward menus, selection screens, options pages, clickable/touchable events, and interactive modalities.

With multiple gestures offered, your interfaces will receive a new, dynamic breath of life by superseding the bland tones, blips, and bleeps, of other on-screen GUI audio. The audio in this library has been designed in 10-sound "earcon/auditory icon" families, so that when you find a sound that suits your need, you will have a full array of other semiotically-infused variations to work with.  The families contain 10 designed sound types:

Forward | Back
Fast Forward | Fast Back
Action | De-Action
Start | Select
Hold & Release | Special

You can use the families as supplied or mix and match until your heart (and interface) is content.  This library was built for both convenience and modularity.  The sounds and their families are grouped and ready to go right away, but are also broken down individually so they can be used for further creative development outside of their designed family.  Note as well, that the naming schema for the files in this library are more referential to the families than the actual files.  The descriptors are those of the families, with individual files being noted by their "forward", "back", "start", "select", etc. designations.

The content ranges from delicate to explosive, glassy to thunderous, transient to long reverberant washes.  Many different types of interfaces and interactive environments were taken into consideration so that all types of interactions (momentary - constant, discreet - exaggerated) are represented. The differences between what defines Action from De-action, Forward from Back, etc. also change.  They can be subtle, by way of slight stereo-imaging, phasing, pitch-shifting, EQ modulation, volume modulation, and the like. Though, they can also be rather pronounced, using differing tonal structures, heavy effect arrays, aggressive enveloping, or all-out varying audio sources.  All files are provided in stereo, but most sum to mono appropriately for monophonic devices.

Pick up Start Select and begin to hear your interfaces differently.

WAVs +

UCS-compliant metadata

96kHz / 24-Bit
Ver 1.0