SFX sound effects library Anarchy motorcycle


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The booming and serrated voice of a 100th anniversary edition American classic is upon you. And this Fat Boy had quite a lot to say. Mostly in a dialect of deliciously loud and explosive transients.

You'll find that this library not only covers glorious engine dynamics and potato-y straight pipes, but also various switches, mechanics, linkages, electrical functions, the horn, and even a guardian bell. There are pass-bys and encircled recordings in both mono and MS formats (the latter of which are left raw for you to decode at gain and width settings appropriate to your needs), static running captures, and a structure of engine throttling that can give you delicate control over the engine's power. Since the bike sounds slightly different depending on which side of it you are standing, we made sure to capture those distinctions as well. All files were mastered to allow for headroom depending on how you may want to EQ the files for a specific project.  A touch of boost in specific locations on the spectrum can raise your levels considerably, so we wanted to be sure that flexibility wasn't sacrificed. Though, just as they are...bliss.

For kicks (we couldn't resist), we even included two individual recordings that got completely obliterated (the limiters got two points for trying) during the session. Their metadata is tagged accordingly. We could've scrapped them, but the result was just too much lofi fun. Standing behind this beast with the throttle wide open can bring you to your knees after a few seconds. Enjoy!

WAVs +

UCS-compliant metadata

96kHz / 24-Bit
Mono + Stereo
Ver 1.5


(Special thanks to Mr. Raymond Raub)