The 100 Soundscapes
of North Carolina

A compendium of ambisonic recordings from across the state

Every location on our planet has a unique sonic signature. The portion of Earth that makes up North Carolina, USA is a diverse and varied landscape of geographic and biological features, cultural identity, industrial heritage, and social engagement.

A state-wide project that aims to capture, design, and present these rich elements of the North Carolina aural environment, The 100 Soundscapes of North Carolina is a collaborative effort between Eiravaein Works and individuals, small businesses, government departments, and cultural groups working together to create immersive listening experiences of one hundred of NC's most iconic soundscapes. From fields to factories, festivals to fauna, or fanfare to the serene natural locales, we're building a comprehensive audio image of the Old North State, nestled boldly in the central Eastern coast of the United States.

Each of the 100 soundscape recordings are an immersive ~10 minute loopable ambisonic (3D) and optional stereo (2D) audio file. They are presented here as a binaural recording (stereo), allowing you to listen to them through headphones and feel completely enveloped in the environment. This is an ongoing list of the project's recordings while it is still underproduction. Once completed, the entire final recordings of all 100 soundscapes will be released in a comprehensive collective format.