SFX sound effects library Eulerian spinning disc textures


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The physical act of precessing is an interesting phenomenon in the world of mechanical physics. As spinning objects of particular shapes, sizes, and materials rotate on an axis, they eventually shift to a specific orientation or side and actually increase in speed and pitch as they approach a static state.

In this library you will have at your disposal 5-8 takes of 21 different objects on 5 different surfaces spinning and precessing in all of their textured and intimate glory. Most containing varied harmonics, some object/surface combinations are rough and booming while others are shrill and just above a whisper. Meticulously recorded and edited, these effects are dynamic and full of character, ready to be twisted, shifted, and warped. When layered in various ways, they can create some really interesting phasing effects as well.

Interested in the physics of this library? Check out Michael Stevens' (of Vsauce!) most excellent demonstration of Eulerian motion here!

WAVs +

UCS-compliant metadata

192kHz / 24-Bit
Ver 1.0