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Vaeyan IV

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Vaeyan IV delivers a massive set of assorted sound design ingredients for your audio alchemy.  It includes assets captured from natural ambiances, vehicles, tools, cameras, slingshots, scissors, clay whistles, flutes, ceramic jars, dumpsters, kitchen appliances, deconstructed fans, toys, doors, windows, vintage furniture, fountains, projectors, and even a slap bracelet.  That's right, a slap bracelet.

As with Vaeyan III, and III, this is a huddling of field recordings and sound designs that do not quite form a library on their own. However, together they make up an audio FX treasure chest gleaming with gold and silver audio loot!

WAVs +

UCS-compliant metadata

96kHz / 24-Bit
Mono + Stereo
Ver 1.0