Friends & Folks


Dr. Stephane Pigeon is doing something very cool with an online modulating noise machine library.


The Tonebenders

Rene Coronado and Timothy Muirhead have put together a super informative podcast for sound designers.


Dinahmoe Labs

Creative music tools to interact with others and build real, dynamic, musical environments.


My Hearing Test

A superb and valid site to check your hearing and learn about how sound affects it. Grab some headphones (preferably circumaural) and give it a shot!



An incredibly addictive multi-layer MPC with visual metaphors that you play with your keyboard. No joke, this will pull you in.


A Soft Murmur

A super simple ambient sound generator that lets you blend a series of related and unrelated ambient sounds. The "Meander" feature allows you to let the app go and allow the sounds to automatically modulate at random. Build your soundscape!


The Interactive Ear

A truly impressive interactive guide to help you learn about all that is your amazing auditory system.



Make 8-bit SFX and discover the many parameters of digital sound. Save/export your hard work and use as you wish!


A Sound Effect Podcast

Asbjoern Andersen over at A Sound Effect is hosting a unique podcast on SFX and sound design. Don't miss it.


Rain Wave

An interesting multi-station radio network for VGM fans.  OSTs and original derivative works abound!



It's simple. Create music by clicking within the sandbox to induce a growing circle. It is a practice of Hz, space, time, and the math of music. Warning: Addictive!