SFX sound effects library Flourish crescendos transitions


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This library was created to provide designers with drag and drop sounds for sweeps, fades, surges, swells, and other embellishments.  Each of the sounds in this collection were designed to be used to heighten events, but they can be mashed, stacked, and chopped to create all sorts of eclectic designs.  There are plays on musical concepts as well as thematic events, with each sound purposefully building up, culminating in a peak moment, and then dissipating in some way.  They are organized into 100 families (designs) with 5 variations each, ranging wildly in topic, movement, duration, dynamics, attack, release, loudness, density, and speed.  Some are natural and organic while others are completely rigid and synthetic (and some fall variably in between).  

If you need to festoon the heck out of a scene or event in your project...If you need some complex SFX designs craftily layered and ready-to-go...If you need a diverse set of easy-to-tweak, overflowing sonic enrichment, then look no further.  You've found it.

WAVs +

UCS-compliant metadata

96kHz / 24-Bit
Ver 1.0