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Built and designed as the intended core library for a mobile game project, this collection of paper and writing sounds was aggregated with a focus on both broad and nuanced variety.  Sometimes you need sounds that are wildly different, but other times you need ones which are just noticeably different. We strove to provide both. Using 7 different writing utensils (pencil, pen, paintbrush, stump, marker, eraser, and chalk) we made thousands of marks on 12 different paper mediums (canvas, notebook, shoji, sketch, cel, blackboard, parchment, cardboard, linen, mulberry, cotton, and scrapbook) to provide a wide selection of strokes, scribbles, and shapes.  As well, we crumpled, crushed, tore, flapped, and rustled the different paper mediums to round off the "all things paper" concept.

Taking all of the recorded material into account we chose the best results and reduced the library to it's present size. Time was taken to parse the sounds thoroughly.  Nearly all included sounds are intended to be focused, individualized effects.  So while there are over 1,300 assets in this library, the size of the entire collection remains very efficient. Some sounds are punchy and brief while others are longer and droning. Sounds range from dense raking, to thin and raspy, to textured and almost tonal.  All sounds were captured close to the source to try to grab as much character as each paper/utensil combination could muster. While some combinations were more productive than others, all are represented in one manner or another in the collection. 

Whether you need delicate papery textures or a furious paper onslaught, Parched is here to provide.  Enjoy.

WAVs +

UCS-compliant metadata

96kHz / 24-Bit
Ver 1.0