SFX sound effects library Vaeyan II variety

Vaeyan II

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In the second installment of our variety libraries, Vaeyan II offers more audio inspections and design trials.  Included are a varied assortment of some of our best source materials and themes ranging from blades and sleet-struck ice fields to motorcycles and cracked buckwheat hulls being crushed and wrought.  There are man-made and organic sounds alike, with designed loops, instant transients, and long atmospheric captures.  The files labeled with "variety", "varied", "varying", or "multiple" contain many sounds with different performances and/or intensities. Like its siblings, this library should surely help to get the creative juices flowing. Check the PDF below for a complete list of the included sounds.

As with Vaeyan IIII, & IV all of our design modalities are represented in this library. The idea here is to add a cost-effective dash of spice to your audio asset collection, giving you a sample of unique sources, some concepts of which (not the sounds herein) are to become fully cultivated libraries in the future. All audio was captured and mastered at the same unforgiving standards as the rest of our libraries but more creative freedom exists in this collection as we did not place any restrictions on our development process.

WAVs +

UCS-compliant metadata

96kHz / 24-Bit
Mono + Stereo
Ver 1.0