The Charlotte music community pauses in respect and memory of Edgar Richard Dimmette III

This past week we in the Charlotte music and sound design industry have lost a truly enigmatic person.  Kind, generous, creative, exceptionally skilled, funny, and always willing to go the extra mile to help others realize their musical dreams, Edgar (Richard) Dimmette III (a.k.a. RED) was a force to be reckoned with.  Put him behind your boards (or basically anywhere in your studio) and magic would ensue.  One of the most personable and engaging people you could meet, he was destined to find success in whatever he set his mind to and he would take you along for the ride without the slightest reservation.

Richard ran the full production house 6/2/4 Studios for a decade (but most will say for his entire life) before teaming up with several other talented local producers to create the Mearc5 Music Group, promoting, developing, and producing artists in the Queen City.  Richard also was an instructor for the Audio Engineering program at Central Piedmont Community College alongside John Wynne (Optimist Records).  He saw the process of music creation from start to finish, teaching fresh faces the basics of microphone placement on one end, and releasing fully-mastered albums for professional artists on the other.  At the age of 30, Richard was well into what takes most folks twice as long to accomplish in their careers.  But music production wasn't just a career for Richard, it was his through and through passion, a realization that would hit you only seconds after meeting him.  He was a master at conjuring hip-hop instrumentals, a wizard behind a mixing board, and at any given moment might say, "Hold on...", jump up and go to a dizzying wall (literally, stacked floor to ceiling) of analog outboard modules, tweak a single knob, and then declare, "...ok, much better".  And it was.

Richard's family has been native to Charlotte for over a century.  His grandfather was born in Charlotte and after moving away as a young child and returning years later, he began an empire of business, volunteering, and community outreach that still promotes and cultivates goodness in our city to this day.  Richard, in a sense, was following in those footsteps, but in a fresh, creative way that only he could.  His loss is a great strike to the heart of Charlotte.

Richard has left behind his wife, Hong Loi with whom he was going to be celebrating his 2nd Anniversary this month as well as his 31st birthday.  It goes without saying that Richard has left us far too early and that he will be deeply missed.  Every person and piece of music that he touched will carry his soul forward and the wealth of positivity and metta that he brought into the world through his life and journey will continue to affect us all.  May Richard be in peace and may his family and friends find solace and calming hearts in their remembrance of him.

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